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Reflective Aluminum Coil Factory


Professional reflective aluminum coil factory have harsh requirements for surface quality of high-grade mirror polished aluminum sheet materials. Reflective mirror aluminum sheet factory have accumulated a complete set of quality control and management experience, from extrusion ingots, extrusion molds and processes, mechanical polishing to chemical polishing and oxidation. The craftsmanship has been precisely controlled and guaranteed. Now the lamps on the market, high-end indoor and outdoor decorations, architectural appearances and the shells of electronics and small household appliances, as well as car decorations, handicrafts, etc. all use mirror finish aluminum sheet. The mirror aluminum sheet is mainly obtained through a polishing process. The polishing of aluminum sheet is divided into three categories: mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrolytic polishing.

reflective aluminum coil factory

The application of aluminum after polishing is different, and the reflectivity requirements of the polished surface are also different. For example, the aluminum material used for anode decoration generally requires the surface reflectance after polishing to reach 80% or more, that is, the first-class mirror is bright. And for reflective aluminum sheet that is used as a reflector, the surface reflectance after polishing is required to reach 95% or more. The production process of mirror aluminum sheet in reflective aluminum coil factory is characterized by the following production steps: (1) rolling, (2) grinding, (3) degreasing, (4) degreasing, (5) baking, (6) coating preparation, (7) coating, (8) secondary baking, (9) testing, (10) filming, (11) packaging finished products.

The application scope of reflective aluminum coil factory product are:
1, Architectural decoration (integrated ceiling, background wall, outdoor curtain wall);
2, Household appliances (range hoods, air conditioners, refrigerators, disinfection cupboards, microwave ovens, water heaters, hot water heaters);
3, Electronic products (laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, VCD, DVD, tablet computers);
4, Switch panel (hotel switch, home switch, office switch);
5, Lighting (LED lights, grille lights);
6, Signs (product signs, office display signs, car signs);
7, Other applications (photo frames, crafts, bags).

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