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Aluminum Sheet Cost Manufacturer


If you are looking for professional aluminum sheet cost manufacturer, we Haomei Aluminum can be your trusted supplier! Haomei Aluminum do not only supply high quality aluminum sheet product, but also offer great aluminum sheet price to save your purchase cost. Whats more, we are experienced aluminum sheet manufacturer with more than 20 years experience based in China, we have specialized in aluminum sheet processing and export, we supply aluminum sheet alloy 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series and 7000 series.

aluminum sheet cost manufacturer

The common used aluminum sheet produced by aluminum sheet cost manufacturer are:
1, Aluminum sheet 1060/1100
1060 alloy and 1100 alloy aluminum sheet are most common used currently the entire aluminum sheet in terms of use, application and demand. Therefore, its sales volume and product performance are sufficient to meet the advantages of curtain wall panel. In addition, 1060 aluminum sheet and 1110 aluminum sheet have high aluminum content and low density, and have good applicability for aluminum composite panel, aluminum curtain wall, ship hull and other applications.
2, Aluminum sheet 3003
3003 alloy aluminum sheet will also belong to another application place with a relatively large amount of use besides the 1000 series aluminum sheet, and the demand in the market will only increase. Aluminum sheet 3003 is mainly used in floor lining, exterior body, exterior facade of automobile and building. Because 3003 aluminum sheet contains high manganese element, it has excellent corrosion resistance and hardness at the same time, so it has comparable performance in terms of use.
3, Aluminum sheet 5052
5052 aluminum sheet belongs to hot-rolled aluminum sheet alloy products in terms of usage and proportion, which is relatively large. Especially for some customers who have special requirements for stamping and drawing, they must all know the unique advantages of 5052 aluminum sheet. 5052 aluminum sheet is also commonly referred to as aluminum-magnesium-manganese-aluminum sheet, naturally because the magnesium alloy contained in 5052 aluminum sheet is relatively high. So that aluminum sheet 5052 has excellent plasticity, corrosion resistance, heat treatment performance and other advantages.
4, Aluminum sheet 5083
Aluminum sheet 5083 alloy supplied by aluminum sheet cost manufacturer is an application product for ships. The 5083 alloy aluminum sheet is one of the most widely used in the 5000 series of aluminum sheet. It has many good properties in construction, building materials decoration, and ship hulls. In addition, 5052 aluminum sheet has excellent corrosion resistance and welding performance. Therefore, applications such as aircraft, vehicles, hulls, etc. are more popular.

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