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Painted Aluminum Coil Factory


The painted aluminum coil factory anti-corrosion effect for construction is a combination of plating, pretreatment film and coating (primer, topcoat and backcoat), and this combination directly affects its service life. From the perspective of the anti-corrosion mechanism of the color coated aluminum coil, the organic coating is an isolating substance, which isolates the aluminum coil substrate from the corrosive medium to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.

painted aluminum coil factory

Polyester paint PE has good adhesion to color painted aluminum coil. The coated aluminum coil are easy to process and shape, are inexpensive and have many products. The color and gloss requirements of PE color coated aluminum coil are large. Under direct exposure to the general environment, their corrosion resistance years of Pe coating can be Up to 5-8 years, but in industrial environments or heavily polluted areas, its service life will be relatively reduced.

Due to the strong bond energy between the chemical bond of PVDF and the chemical bond, the PVDF coating has very good corrosion resistance and color retention. It is the most advanced product among the color coated aluminum coil coatings used in the construction industry. Its molecule is large and linear structure, so in addition to chemical resistance, its mechanical properties, UV resistance and heat resistance are excellent. Under normal circumstances, the anti-corrosion life of PVDF color painted aluminum coil can be as long as 20-25 years, but the cost is high, and the price of color coated aluminum is also higher. Its gloss can only be low gloss, and there are many restrictions on color selection (color Bright colors cannot be provided).

The painted aluminum coil factory - Haomei Aluminum in China have over 20 years experience on color coated aluminum sheet and coil processing and exporting. We offer high quality PE and PVDF paint color coated aluminum with various color, mainly applied to roofing, gutter and composite panel for wall cladding.

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