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Electrical grade aluminum bus bar


Electrical grade aluminum bus bar refers to a product made of high conductivity aluminum material for transmitting electrical energy. Electrical grade aluminum bus bar having the ability to collect and distribute electric power, the total conductor used to deliver electrical energy to a power station or substation. Through it, the power output from the generator, transformer or rectifier is delivered to individual users or other substations.

electrical grade aluminum bus bar

In the power system, the aluminum busbars connect the various current-carrying branch circuits in the power distribution unit, functioning to collect, distribute, and transmit electrical energy. What kind of aluminum alloy is used in the conductive bus bar? That is depended mainly on the application and conductivity requirements. According to the previous production experience, as for the oxidation production line (low voltage, high current), we use the most common 6061 aluminum bus bar. If it is used for mechanical equipment, it is recommended to use pure aluminum 1060 1070 series material.

Rectangular aluminum busbar conductors have a large heat dissipating surface area. Since the common cross-sectional area of a single conductor does not exceed 1200 mm2, when used to transport large currents, a plurality of rectangular aluminum busbars are required to be arranged in parallel, but the heat dissipation of the parallel rectangular electrical grade aluminum bus bar deteriorates. Generally, it is not suitable to use more than 2 to 3 bus bars.

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