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Prime quality 8x4 aluminium sheet for sale


Haomei are specialized in supply high quality 8x4 aluminium sheet with standard specification, high performance and low price. There are many aluminum alloy plate products, and each has its own advantages and characteristics from 1000 to 8000 series, which is also destined to correspond to different uses and needs when used. As consumers choose 4x8 aluminum sheet alloy materials, it is necessary to understand the various aluminum alloy plates to make it easier for us to make the right choices.

8x4 aluminium sheet

1, The strength of the 4x8 aluminum plate
The strength is one of the aspects that we need to consider when using aluminum sheets. If the strength is not up to the requirements, it will cause many problems in later use. The strength and hardness have positive relationship mainly due to the difference in alloy composition, and can be sequentially reduced from 7000 series, 2000 series, 6000 series, 5000 series, 3000 series and 1000 series. The 1000 series pure aluminum is the softest and the least strong, while the 2000 series and 7000 series heat treatment type alloys have the highest strength. Each aluminum alloy plate has the influence on the processing state except for the difference in alloy composition. Therefore, when selecting the 4x8 aluminum sheet, the series and temper of the alloy should be taken into consideration.
2, Corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy sheets
The corrosion resistance will affect the service life of aluminum alloy plates, especially those used in high corrosion and harsh environments. It should pay more attention to the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy plates. The corrosion resistance of aluminum sheets 4x8 includes chemical corrosion, resistance to stress corrosion and other properties. In general, the corrosion resistance of the 1000 series pure aluminum is the best, and the 5000 series is good, followed by the 3000 series and the 6000 series, and the 2000 series and the 7000 series are inferior. The principle of selection of corrosion resistance should be determined according to the environment in which it is used.
3, The formability of aluminum sheet 8x4
Since the formability is related to the temper, after selecting the 4x8 aluminum sheet grade, it is necessary to consider the strength range of various tempers, and the low strength is easy to form, and the high strength is poor in formability. From the viewpoint of the alloy system, the 1000 series has the best formability, the 3000 series and the 5000 series are preferable, the 2000 series and the 6000 series are generally used, and the 7000 series is basically incapable of forming. The temper has a great influence on the formability of the aluminum alloy, and the formability in the annealed state (O state) is the best, and the formability in the state where the strength is higher is worse.
4, Weldability of aluminum alloy plates 4x8
The weldability of most 8x4 aluminium sheet in 1000-8000 series aluminum sheets is not a problem, especially some aluminum alloy sheets of 5000 series are designed to improve the welding performance, but some 2000 series and 7000 series aluminum alloy grades has poor weldability.

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