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Aluminium alloy rolled plates


Aluminium alloy rolled plates are a kind of aluminum product, it is a long and narrow thin aluminum plate supplied in rolls. The aluminum rolled and flat plate are almost different in cutting package. The aluminium sheet roll has cold rolling and hot rolling type.

aluminium alloy rolled plates

Compared with hot rolling, the main characteristics of cold rolling aluminum rolled sheet are that cold rolling can roll out products with precise dimensions, uniform thickness, good flatness and surface gloss, good product organization and high surface quality. Because cold rolling mills have higher precision than hot rolling mills, the level of comprehensive automatic control of cold rolling mills is high. For example, more advanced cold rolling mills of aluminum coil are equipped with automatic control of thickness and shape. In addition, cold-rolling adopts higher-finish rolls to roll out high surface quality and mirror aluminum rolled plates.

The production line of aluminium alloy rolled plates is used to cut the hot-rolled or cold-rolled aluminum and aluminum alloy strips transversely or close the products with different lengths. Flat, measuring shear, stacking board and other equipment. The aluminum sheet roll we mainly supplied has the specification of: thickness: 0.3-12mm (designed according to different thickness), width: 600-1560mm, machine speed: 90m / min.

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