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The Pipe Insulation Aluminum Coil


The pipe insulation aluminum coil has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability, it is also known as aluminum jacketing. The aluminum coil for insulation product is highly recognized in the market. There is a great demand for insulation aluminum coil for pipelines. However, there are many places to pay attention to when transporting pipeline insulation aluminum coil. Pack it to prevent damage to the aluminum coil due to bumps, so do you know what you should pay attention to when transporting the aluminum coil?

 insulation aluminum coil

Haomei Aluminum is a manufacturer of insulation aluminum coil with over 20 years experience. We do not only supply high quality 1060 and 3003 aluminum coil for pipeline insulation. But also, we offer safe package in export standard, wooden case or pallet. First of all, put the rolled small aluminum coils neatly on the wooden pallets. The reason for this is that it is convenient for loading and unloading with a forklift. In addition, there is also a winding film around the installed thermal insulation aluminum jacketing to prevent In the process of transportation, it rains or drops of water, although the insulation aluminum jacket sheet does not pay too much attention to the surface, but try to avoid the oxidation caused by contact with water. Furthermore, it is also tightened with packing straps to prevent the thermal insulation aluminum coil from being scattered due to bumps and other problems during transportation.

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