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Embossed Aluminum Suppliers


Haomei Aluminium is one of the top embossed aluminum suppliers in China, with alloy of 1060 and 3003. The embossed aluminum sheet or coil are widely applied to the refrigerators, and refrigerators are a very common household appliance, and there are countless brands of refrigerators, and each brand has its own advantages. When people walk into the electrical appliance market to buy, they are also dazzled. In fact, the internal parts of refrigerators are different, but many refrigerators use wire tube evaporators instead of embossed aluminum sheet evaporators. What are the advantages of embossed aluminum sheet evaporators?

 embossed aluminum suppliers

Embossed aluminum sheet can also be called aluminum stucco sheet, it has various patterns on the surface after calendering on the basis of aluminum plate. It is widely used and mainly used in packaging, construction, and curtain walls. First of all, the embossed aluminum sheet is corrosion-resistant and has good thermal conductivity. The internal environment of the refrigerator is relatively humid. If other materials are selected, the corrosion resistance requirements will not be met. According to the order of metal thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and production cost, the inner metal of the refrigerator plate is made of stucco embossed aluminum sheet. The embossed aluminum sheet can reduce the cost as much as possible and have excellent corrosion resistance under the premise of ensuring its good thermal conductivity.

Secondly, in order to increase the length and area of heat exchange between the inside of the inner tank and the outside air, the refrigerator inner tank uses embossed aluminum sheet instead of flat aluminum sheets. Under the condition of not putting pressure on the space size of the refrigerator liner, the embossed aluminum sheet is used to increase the contact area between the air and the liner wall, so as to exchange heat more effectively and evenly.

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