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Alu foil supplier produced aluminum foil as an important industrial raw material with a series of excellent characteristics. Aluminium foil is widely used in automobile manufacturing, textiles, electronics industry, electromechanical industry, packaging industry, catering industry, construction industry, etc. Commonly used aluminum foil grades include 1060, 1070, 1100, 1235, 3003, 5052, 8006, 8011, 8021 and 8079 aluminum foil, etc. Among them, the proportion of flexible packaging foil is very high, the market space is large, and the future prospects are promising.

alu foil supplier

Aluminum foil flexible packaging is a bag-type container made by compounding aluminum foil with other flexible packaging materials. It can play a very good role in protecting food preservation and quality safety. In recent years, flexible packaging has gradually become one of the main packaging forms for food and beverages. For example, milk, small fish, beef jerky and other foods are all wrapped in aluminum foil, which is safe and hygienic.

Now, alu foil supplier - Haomei can list some of the application of flexible aluminium foil:
1, For example, the rectangular box packaging for milk is a sterile bag made of aluminum foil composite material, and the inside is aluminum foil material;
2, The easy-to-tear lid of yogurt and the sealing material of beverages are also aluminum foil;
3, Another example is a cigarette box. In addition to the shiny outer shell made of aluminum foil composite material, there is also a piece of aluminum foil inside to protect the fragrance of tobacco;
4, There is also aluminum foil inside the vacuum packaging of tea, to prevent the tea from damp and deteriorate, and to retain the taste of the tea;
5, Another example is the packaging of toothpaste, milk powder, cosmetics, beverages, wine bottle caps and other packaging, which are also made of aluminum foil;
6, The packaging of capsules, the sealing of oral liquids, etc. are also aluminum foil;
7, There are also egg tart boxes, pastry boxes, and meal boxes on airplanes. They are also made of aluminum foil. These container foils can be cooked directly.

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