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The classifications and characteristics of aluminum round sheet for signs


In daily life, from traffic signs, road signs to badge medals, certificate drop, signs can be seen everywhere in life. Imprint the required information on the aluminum sheet to become unique logo. Among the metal road sign products, the proportion of aluminum round sheet signs is about 90%. The main reason is that aluminum has the most decorative performance, a lot of surface decoration technology can be applied and played on aluminum sheet.

aluminum round sheet

The excellent properties of aluminum circle sheet determines it is widely used in traffic signs. The density of aluminum is 2.702g, which is only 1/3 of that of copper. Aluminum signs does not increase the weight, but also saves money. Aluminum sheet circle has excellent ductility, is easy to cut, and is easy to stamp and form, which can meet the needs of special process of signage. A hard and dense oxide film can be formed on the surface of aluminum circles, many substances do not corrode it, and it has excellent durability in harsh environments in industrial areas and in coastal areas. Aluminium is non-magnetic, and aluminum round sheet signs do not cause external interference to the equipment.

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