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Prepainted Aluminum Coil Factory


Haomei Aluminum is a leading prepainted aluminum coil factory, the coating surface is specially treated to prevent scratches and ultraviolet light. A variety of color and texture effect options are available in the prepainted aluminum coil supplier into meet different needs. Excellent anti-corrosion performance makes the prepainted aluminum coil service life is better than ordinary galvanized color plate. Medium-strength and high-strength mechanical properties of coated aluminum coil can meet different design styles. At the same time, the unit weight of painted aluminum coil is light and easy to transport. The color prepainted aluminum coil is suitable for applications such as ceilings, interior walls, blinds, furniture, iron doors in buildings, roofing and wall surface out of buildings.

prepainted aluminum coil factory

The main features of the coated aluminum coil supplied by prepainted aluminum coil factory are:
1, Good temperature resistance, the melting point of aluminum is 660 degrees, and the general temperature cannot reach its melting point.
2, Environmentally friendly, not easy to change color. Use chromium-free treatment liquid for operation. The paint of painted aluminum coil factory contains active chemical molecules, which promote the formation of a protective layer on the surface of the coated aluminum coil material. Active chemical molecules are stable and easy to recycle, meeting environmental protection requirements.
3, Corrosion resistance. Because there is a tight oxide film on the surface of prepainted aluminum coil, it has strong adhesion, oxidation resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, decay resistance, and ultraviolet radiation resistance.
4, The color is uniform and permanent, and the color is uniform and delicate, soft and beautiful, avoiding the individual color difference phenomenon of traditional spraying, no matter how large the area, the color is always the same, lasting and constant new.
5, Combination of rigidity and toughness, the prepainted aluminum coil factory product surface strength is extremely high. Combination of rigidity and toughness, free cutting, slitting, arc bending, constant pressure, drilling, connection fixing and edge compression molding.

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