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Pharmaceutical aluminium foil specification


High-quality drugs need to be packaged by pharmaceutical aluminium foil specification, and there should be safe protection measures in the package to avoid the influence of the environment, oxygen and moisture. Only in this way can these ingredients maintain the effect they produced when ingested. The specification of pharmaceutical aluminium foil are: alloy state: 8011-H18; 8021-O, typical thickness: 0.02~0.075mm, processing method: composite, coating, printing, etc.

pharmaceutical aluminium foil specification

pharmaceutical aluminium foil blister packs are commonly used for medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. These include so-called push-in blisters (or shorter "blisters"), molded plastic with cavities for individual tablets, and push-in closures made of aluminum foil, called blister films Or cover film. As a result, the capsules and tablets are hygienically clean and protected. The blister pack is easy to handle, compact and easy to carry. Among them, due to the use of aluminium foil, each product is individually packaged and protected from all influences until it is consumed. In order to meet all future requirements in terms of reliability, hygiene and quality, we will continue to develop products. In order to produce coated or printed blister films, please use the same medical and sanitary standards as those used in the pharmaceutical industry in the production of tablets and by-products.

Both soft aluminum foil and hard pharmaceutical aluminium foil specification are used as cover foils for in-line packaging. Traditionally, hard aluminum foil is used. This has only a small stretching force. The advantage of this is that you can break off relatively quickly and release the drug with relatively little force. On the other hand, if a soft aluminum foil is used, more force must be applied to reach the drug, because the film has a higher tensile force. Therefore, blister packs with covering foils made of soft aluminum are considered to be more effective in preventing children from eating by mistake.

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