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Coil Coated Aluminum PVDF


Coil coated aluminum PVDF uses aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy 3003 and 3004 as the base material. The corrosion rate of aluminum-magnesium-manganese plates is regular, generally fast first and slow later. The coastal environment is humid, so the speed is faster; heavy industry is many times higher than that in mountainous and rural areas; the absence of anti-rust layer and outdoor air will increase the degree of corrosion; the design and use level of corrosion resistance is the next focus of performance improvement of color coated aluminum coil, which involves many problems. For example, the cost, durability, performance and maintenance cost of aluminum-magnesium-manganese coils. At this stage, the application of fluorocarbon color coated aluminum-magnesium-manganese sheet has largely solved this problem.

coil coated aluminum

Because the fluorocarbon aluminum-magnesium-manganese coil coated aluminum is coated with a fluorocarbon coating containing Kynar500PVDF resin, its performance is excellent. Whether it is unit curtain wall or color aluminum forming, the metal can be bent, overlapped and bent at will during the processing process, and the T-shaped bending can reach 0T. At the same time, the fluorocarbon coating of color coated aluminum coil can also effectively resist hot sun, humid weather, urban dirt, acid rain, salt corrosion and other abrasion. Its perfect combination with metal makes the function and form of the material reach the extreme. It is the best choice for civil buildings, gymnasiums, architectural metal curtain walls, power plants, chemical companies and other key projects.

Fluorocarbon coated aluminum-magnesium-manganese coil coated aluminum are mainly used for indoor and outdoor buildings that require long-term protection and always maintain the original color, especially high-end buildings or buildings in harsh environments. Such as public facilities, airports, commercial or office buildings, supermarkets, industrial plants, hangars and grain warehouses.

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