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Buy coated aluminum coil


Buy coated aluminum coil with flat and smooth surface, with strong compactness, which can effectively prevent moisture, oxygen, and corrosive components in the air. The acid and alkali resistance of color coated aluminum is about 4 times that of traditional paint color-coated coils, which effectively improves the service life in humid and strong acid environments. The top coats of commonly used in aluminum coil coatings include polyester (PE), polyurethane (PU), silicon modified polyester (SMP), fluorocarbon (PVDF), high weather resistant polyester (HDP), primer and back coat The varieties are epoxy (EP), polyester (PE), polyurethane (PU) and so on.

color coated aluminum coil

The production process of color coated aluminum coil are:
First of all, it is necessary for color coated aluminum coil manufacturers to perform a complete chemical pretreatment on the surface of the sheet before coating, to completely remove the surface dust, oil stains, and oxide films. Therefore, the aluminum coil must undergo pre-treatment processes such as dust removal, degreasing, alkaline washing and cleaning. The operation methods and level of operation control of these processes have a decisive effect on the quality of the pre-treatment.
The production of color coated aluminum coil is to use straight hanging parts, spray them in a straight direction in an electrostatic field through spraying machinery, and then send the hanging parts to the oven to bake the paint. Repeated operations to form a paint coating. Whether the spray coating is uniform or not has great contact with the equipment selected by the color coated aluminum coil manufacturer.
The spraying process is often used on aluminum sheet coils, while aluminum composite panels and aluminum honeycomb panels are rarely used. Generally, painted aluminum coil manufacturers use the three-coating and two-baking process for plain paint, and the four-coating and two-baking process for metal paint.

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