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Aluminum Sheet Material 1060 Factory


Aluminum sheet material 1060 factory China Haomei Aluminium provide high quality 1060 aluminum sheet plate. 1060 aluminum sheet has the advantages of high elongation, high tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity, and high formability, which can fully meet the requirements of conventional processing such as stamping and stretching. Detailed requirements and inspection specifications, signs, packaging, transportation, storage, etc are according to the standards in Haomei Aluminum.

aluminum sheet material 1060 factory

Aluminum sheet material 1060 factory in China is famous of low price on the world market, therefore many customers choose to import aluminum sheet from China manufacturer. Although we have low cost, Haomei Aluminum do not ignore the product quality and inspection. The 1060 aluminum sheet have good reflectivity. After polishing, the reflectivity of the surface of the 1060 aluminum sheet to light can reach more than 80%. The higher the purity of the aluminum, the higher the reflectivity. In addition to visible light, 1060 aluminum sheet has good reflectivity to infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic waves, and heat radiation.

What are the main uses of the aluminum sheet material 1060 factory products? The main uses of 1060 aluminum plates are introduced below: First, signs and billboards. In view of the light weight, easy processing, corrosion resistance, and non-rust characteristics of 1060 aluminum sheet, it has become the most important material for making billboards, signs, and road signs. The second is interior decoration materials. At present, many high-end wall panels, indoor ceilings, and lighting fixtures are all made of aluminum. The third is thermal insulation. The 0.5mm and 0.6mm 1060 aluminum sheet roll are commonly used insulation materials, which are generally used in insulation projects under non-corrosive conditions. The fourth is as a solar reflector. The 1060 aluminum sheet is the most important material for the reflective sheet under the collector tube of solar water heater, and it is widely used.

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