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Aluminum coils suppliers with advanced production line


Haomei is one of the professional aluminum coils suppliers in China with advanced production line which offer aluminum coil product 1000 series to 8000 series. The surface of the aluminum coil was cleaned with the cleaning equipment, and then the film was directly filmed on the production line during rolling to achieve no scratches, oil stains and roller marks on the surface.

aluminum coils suppliers

With over 15 years experience on aluminum coil product manufacturing and exporting, Haomei Aluminum improve and improve the quality and condition of the double-roll continuous casting and rolling aluminum coil, and eliminate the defects of white stripes, black spots, large grains, sticky rollers and cracks on the cast-rolled plate. The characteristics of the twin-roll continuous casting and rolling process technology are continuous and uninterrupted production. Any accidents or frequent power failures caused by power outages will cause fluctuations in the quality of the cast and rolled aluminum coils product. Therefore, it is important to maintain long-term stable operation of the twin-roll continuous casting and rolling machine .

It is necessary for aluminum coils suppliers to strengthen the degassing and filtering of molten aluminum, add grain refiner, and at the same time strengthen the sense of responsibility of the operators of the casting and rolling mill, and carry out process discipline education. Learning advanced foreign experience, installing edge milling machine in the double-roll continuous rolling mill, eliminating edge cracking, is very helpful to improve the overall yield of aluminum coil and reduce scrap.

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