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Aluminum busbar suppliers in China | Haomei


Haomei is one of the top aluminum busbar suppliers in China, we want to highlight our 1070 6101 and 6061 aluminum bus bar with complete specifications, pure material, high conductivity and strong overload capability. Haomei aluminum busbar is the ideal material for high and low voltage transmission and distribution equipment, aluminium bus bar are widely used in various types of transformers, power distribution cabinets, switch cabinets, busway and large plating grade boards.

aluminum busbar suppliers

The aluminum busbar are mainly used in the electric power construction project, the conductor connection between the power transmission line and the substation transformer, the jumper in the transmission line, the connecting conductor in the power equipment, and the current DC ice melting device. The aluminum busbar has the shape of the traditional rectangular, trough, square and round angle, bar-shaped busbar and flexible conductor. Aluminum bus bar is one of the key equipments materials in the power transmission and transformation system, it is safe and reliable for power transmission and transformation systems and power equipment.

As aluminum busbar suppliers in China, Haomei can provide high quality aluminum bus bar which has large current density, small resistance and small skin effect, and does not need to be derated. A small voltage drop means that the energy loss is small, ultimately saving the user's investment.

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