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Aluminium 5083 Supplier Introduction


Haomei Aluminum is a aluminium 5083 supplier manufacturer, produces 5083 aluminum plates with a width of 2600mm. Haomei Aluminum strictly controls the product process of 5083 aluminum plate, through alloy composition determination, melting and casting process optimization, homogenization heat treatment and rolling process tests. In the production of 5083 aluminum plate suppliers, a small amount of Be is added in the production process of 5083 aluminum plate, which reduces the tendency of ingots to crack and improves the surface quality of rolled plates.

aluminium 5083 supplier

The 5083 aluminum sheet plate produced by aluminium 5083 supplier has entered the world shipbuilding market, mainly used in ship decks, engine pedestals, ship sides, ship bottom outer panels and other components, with broad application prospects. In addition, Haomei Aluminum produces marine grade aluminum plates other products: 5086 aluminum plates, 5052 marine aluminum plates, 6061 aluminum plates, 5754 aluminum plates, etc.

Besides, another application of aluminium 5083 alloy is used in vehicles: aluminum alloy tank car body/tank body, automobile fuel tank, air storage cylinder, bus skin, C82 coal carrier, automobile roof/bottom guard plate, etc., and has cooperated with famous Bus, Automobile Heavy Truck and other car companies. The typical uses of 5083 aluminium sheet are molds, LNG storage tanks, flange materials, GIS high-voltage switch housings, precision machining, etc.

Advantages of Haomei Aluminum - aluminium 5083 supplier:
1, 5083 alloy aluminium plate has low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, durability, and plays an important role in the lightweight of the transportation field;
2, Haomei 5083 marine aluminium plate has passed relevant certification;
3, The surface of 5083 aluminium sheet has no oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roll marks, neat trimming, and no burrs.

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