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China top 7075 aluminum plate suppliers


Haomei is one of the China top 7075 aluminum plate suppliers, we has advanced processing line with fast production and delivery, at the same time, the high quality is guaranteed. As 7075 aluminum plate belongs to the aviation 7000 series aluminum alloy, is aluminum magnesium zinc copper alloy, is a heat treatable alloy, belongs to super hard aluminum alloy, has good wear resistance. 7075 aluminum plate is stress-relieved, will not deform and warp after processing.

7075 aluminum plate suppliers

7075 aluminum plate has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. It has high strength below 150 °C, high specific strength and static fatigue of the sheet. The gap is sensitive. The 7075 aluminum plate alloy has been used in aircraft manufacturing in the late 1940s, not easy to braze, easy to withstand various pressure processing and extension, bending. The aluminum plate is an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu superhard aluminum. It has been used in the aircraft manufacturing industry to continue to climb. The technology has been greatly improved compared with the mature one. The heat treatment strengthening effect is particularly good, and the price has great advantages over other high-grade alloy aluminum plates. It has good elongation and tensile strength. 7075 aluminum plate suppliers produce ultra high strength deformation aluminum which is still widely used in aviation industry, its characteristic is that it should be used as a bearing structure for normal temperature and below 120 °C.

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