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High quality 5083 aluminum plate suppliers


Haomei is one of the professional 5083 aluminum plate suppliers in China, the 5083 aluminum together with 5086 aluminum and 5052 aluminum are regard as marine grade aluminum. In recent years, the market has increased the demand for all-aluminum tankers and the environmental requirements for energy saving and emission reduction. The demand for 5083 ultra-wide aluminum plates is further increasing, and the tanker aluminum sheets are rapidly expanding.

5083 aluminum plate suppliers

Some tank trucks have strict requirements on aluminum alloy materials. For example, tank trucks that transport aviation gasoline must be welded with aluminum alloy. If stainless steel is used, a small amount of iron enters the oil and is also prohibited. Therefore, this type of tanker must use aluminum alloy material. It is generally used to weld 5083 aluminum plate, the thickness is about 5mm, and the circular arc cross section can help reduce the center of the car. After the aluminum alloy tanker uses aluminum, the whole vehicle loses 1-2 tons. Moreover, the performance and strength of the aluminum alloy tanker can fully meet the requirements of the steel tanker.

In the head material, 5083 aluminum plate is also used, and 5000 series aluminum alloy is also used on the wave-proof plate. The material at the bottom of the tank is 5A06 aluminum. The guardrail on the top of the tank is made of aluminum tube, which is easier to maintain than the steel tube, wear-resistant and durable, and has a weight-reducing effect. The aluminum alloy materials used in tank trucks can be mass produced domestically and the technology is already at the world's leading level. 5083 aluminum plate suppliers provide high quality product for processing energy-saving and environmentally-friendly all-aluminum tankers. All aluminum tankers have lighter bodies and higher load capacity, which can improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

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