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Aluminium Insulation Sheet 1060 3003


In the anti-corrosion and thermal insulation industry, the amount of aluminium insulation sheet has always been relatively large. Haomei Aluminum sells various specifications of thermal insulation aluminum jacketing sheet with low prices and complete varieties. The aluminium insulation jacketing produce by Haomei Aluminum have features of uniform thickness, no color difference, no macula, no scratches, good bending performance and convenient construction. If you need thermal insulation aluminum sheet, you can contact us.

aluminium insulation sheet
Excellent thermal aluminium insulation sheet needs to have a smooth surface, free of oil stains, chromatic aberrations, oxidation spots, etc. At the same time, the thermal insulation aluminum jacketing should be suitable for wrapping and winding on the pipe, with good edge holding and uniform thickness, and the thickness tolerance of the same aluminum jacket insulation sheet should be controlled within 0.02mm, only such aluminum jacketing products can become high-quality thermal insulation aluminum cladding.
Haomei Aluminum produce and sell thermal insulation aluminum jacketing 1060 and 3003 between 0.2 mm and 1.5 mm. The price is low, the delivery time is fast, the product quality is stable, and the rust and corrosion resistance is strong. The aluminum jacketing products are produced using standard A00 aluminum ingots, and never use recycled aluminum, it can guarantee the service life is nearly double the time of similar products. Choose Haomei Aluminum as your aluminum insulation jacketing manufacturer, select quality products, and choose reliable materials.
In recent years, aluminium insulation sheet have been adopted by major power plants and chemical fiber companies. National Chemical Construction,  Electric and major anti-corrosion and thermal insulation construction units all purchase thermal insulation aluminum jacketing sheet from our company, with stable quality, long service life and good rust resistance.

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